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Articles by Christine:
Managing emotional baggage: Does yours fill a pickup truck?
Is your dating road map working for you?
Learning to talk to men
Dating tips for introverts
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Christine works with single men and women who want to attract their ideal soul mate and have the relationship they desire and deserve.
Are you longing to attract and keep a healthy relationship?
Are you finding yourself in the same unsuccessful relationship over and over again?
Does online dating seem to be a waste of time?
Do you wish you knew where to meet interesting single people?
Instead of doing things alone (and wishing you had someone to share your interests with), learn how to:
Boost your confidence around the opposite sex by learning their language so you will understand them better.
Create a profile that will convey what makes you uniquely appealing and will attract only the type of people you want to date.
Examine and address fears, deal with heartbreak from past relationships, and turn the blocks that have kept you single into the building blocks of a successful relationship.
Learn to date from both your heart and your head.
Stay true to yourself through the dating process.
Meet a special person with whom you want to share your life.
Are you ready for the perfect catch? Learn how to be one and how to attract one. Make an appointment for a one-on-one coaching call.
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