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Is your organization looking for a speaker? Christine is an expert presenter on relationship topics such as . . .
HOW to recognize and fix miscommunications.
HOW to make sure your intentions are clear to other people.
WHAT to do when the communication road gets bumpy.
As a dating and relationship coach, her focus is often on communication in the personal lives of men and women. However, she frequently takes these same principles and applies them to professional settings, where she finds people encounter similar challenges.
Are you longing for a healthy, committed relationship?
Are you finding yourself in the same unsuccessful relationship over and over again?
Does online dating seem to be a waste of time?
Do you wish you knew where to meet interesting single people?
Do you wish you had sometime to share your interests with?
Learn how to...
Boost your confidence around the opposite sex by learning their language so you can better understand them.
Create a profile that conveys what makes you uniquely appealing and attracts only the type of people you want to date.
Address fears, deal with heartbreak from past relationships, and remove the blocks that have kept you single.
Learn to date from both your heart and your head.
Stay true to yourself throughout the dating process.
Meet a special person to share your life with!
Are you ready for the perfect catch?
Learn how to be one and how to attract one. Make a complimentary appointment for a one-on-one coaching call.
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