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Managing emotional baggage: Does yours fill a pickup truck?
Is your dating road map working for you?
Learning to talk to men.
Dating tips for introverts.
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Let’s work together to transform your dating experiences from unsatisfying to rewarding. Taking the steps to find peace within yourself will attract your soul mate.
Online Dating Workshops and Teleclasses
Are you afraid to use online dating because of the horror stories you've heard?
Do you wish someone would just show you where to begin?
Are you tired of believing that only losers use online dating sites?
Do you wish you knew how to write an effective profile?
Are you tired of only meeting unavailable men/women?
How can you tell if the person whose profile you’re reading is really the person they say they are?

The Perfect Catch specializes in helping with online dating. During our workshops and teleclasses, you will learn how to:
Write a winning profile
Select an appropriate dating site
Choose people who fit your wants and needs
Have fun and interesting first dates
Continue dating people you like
Create the atmosphere to find the love of your life
What are the benefits of coaching workshops? You get to practice with others in the classroom and bounce ideas off people who are in similar situations. Additionally, your monetary investment will be smaller. How do you start? Sign up online.

Christine brings to her coaching her own experience and success with online dating, where she met her husband Tony; they were married in 2007.
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