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Transform Your Dating Life, a 6-week teleclass.
WOMEN'S CLASS starts Thursday, April 19
MEN'S CLASS starts Wednesday, April 18
How wonderful would it be to finally have a special person in your life?
Participating in this class will teach you how to find the right type of person for you, so you'll finally be on the path to meet your last love.
To enroll, or to ask questions, please email me.
When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, what I've found with my coaching clients is — the answers are already inside them. Clients tell me all they had been missing was having me on the other end of the phone, helping with the right questions.
"I was so frustrated with my man... ready to toss in the towel. He seemed so self-centered and oblivious. I had a huge list of everything wrong with him. And then I talked with Christine. I tried her methods without much hope. Boy was I surprised!! I learned how to communicate my needs in a way he could understand, and how to 'course correct' by appreciating him 10 times before commenting on any fault. The results were astounding. Now, a year later, he has asked me to marry him and I have accepted. Christine, I owe you so much. Thank you!" ~ M.D. Florida
"Consider adding life coach to your credentials, because that is a broader yet accurate definition of the wonderful life-changing services you offer!" ~ KB
"I want to thank you for your presentation last week, and to let you to know I had feedback from women raving about your talk. We all appreciated you taking the time to share your wealth of information." ~ Kay
"Although I see myself as warm, smart, beautiful and successful, I had years of first dates with wonderful men that almost never turned into second dates. I hired Christine to help me figure out why. Within two months of one-on-one work, I had my answer. Christine was direct, insightful and specific. She gave me the guidance I needed to find the right dates, and to speak in a way that men understood. It wasn’t hard – I just didn’t know how. My dates are now satisfying and recurring! Christine is magic.” ~ Susan
"Thanks for the calls, tips and insights... I'm excited to learn the new way of communicating and enjoying the fruits of it. I love this trip of self and relationship discovery and feel lucky to have you on my side." ~ M.
"As a man, my initial viewpoint was reluctance to engage in counseling, but after a series of setbacks in my relationship I decided to seek outside advice. Christine was recommended and it was without doubt one of my better decisions. With her help I was able to really see the differences in my relationship and to also understand the best ways to bridge these differences. I was finally able to see things from new perspectives and quickly I saw the positive in things where previously the focus was negative. My relationship has blossomed and I'm convinced that without Christine's influence and advice, the relationship would probably have failed. Christine is very sympathetic to her clients' needs, and her knowledge and diplomacy were extremely valuable. I highly recommend her services!" ~ David
"You're a hard working, creative, intelligent, caring and extraordinary person. I refer you to all my single friends!" ~ LeeAnn
"Christine has an amazing insight into what makes men and women tick, and relationships work (or not work!). She works with me on my level, and intuitively understands where I am in my relationship world. Her ideas are easy to understand and implement for big impact." ~ Laurie
"I’ve had several consultations with Christine now and can’t get over her ability to get to the heart of the matter. I’ve had to answer tough questions about who I am and what I want. Normally, this would be daunting but Christine is so genuinely warm and willing to go there with you that I look forward to our sessions." ~ Jane
"Christine is absolutely amazing. It's clear she has a passion for coaching and knows how to listen and highlight those things we might miss on our own. Even when she tells you things you might not want to hear, you are thankful she has and her delivery is full of compassion. If you're looking to move forward in life and in love, I highly recommend Christine. She will get you on the right path.” ~ Cija Black
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