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Coaching helps you have happier and more fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life.
You'll learn all the new dating rules.
"Christine has amazing insight into what makes men and women tick, and what makes relationships work... or not work!"
~ Laurie
Would you like to be as successful in your personal relationships as you are in the rest of your life?
Coaching FAQ
What is the secret to coaching success? The answer is already there - inside you, waiting to be discovered. The coach listens, observes, asks questions, and provides support. Coaching helps you clear away the clutter that keeps you from finding the answer within.
The skills learned through coaching help you feel comfortable with the dating process. You’ll start having conscious and thought-filled dating experiences, and these can lead to a long term committed relationship.

Who is the client? Someone who wants to have successful dating experiences. It doesn’t matter if you're newly single or have been single for a long time. It doesn’t matter if you've dated a lot or a little. What does matter is you being ready to set a goal and move toward that goal with a coach.

What are the benefits of coaching? You’ll learn skills that help you feel comfortable and confident about dating, for example, how to:
  • Write a winning profile.
  • Select appropriate dating sites.
  • Choose people who fit your wants and needs.
  • Have fun and interesting dates.
  • Continue dating people you like.
  • Create the atmosphere for finding the love of your life.
By identifying your unique abilities and the traits of the people you want to date, you'll start attracting people who are your “perfect catch”. You’ll start having conscious and thought-filled dating experiences, and these can lead to a long term committed relationship.

What are the benefits of classes? In addition to one-on-one coaching, The Perfect Catch offers online classes for women and classes for men. You'll find classes offer more opportunity to "practice". You'll be able to bounce ideas off others in similar situations. And, the monetary investment is smaller.

What are the benefits of one-on-one coaching? The Perfect Catch offers both online classes and one-on-one coaching.You'll receive (1) personal time customized for your specific needs, (2) privacy for exploring your blocks and past relationships, (3) an opportunity to reach your goals more quickly, (4) a greater investment in yourself.

What does "removing my blocks" really mean? Fear, in its many forms, is the greatest obstacle to success. Bringing your fears to the surface and looking at them with your coach puts them into perspective. And then, moving past the fears becomes an achievable choice. Instead of obstacles, you’ll have building blocks for finding the relationship you've always wanted.

Why pay for coaching when I can just ask family and friends for advice? Advice from family and friends is usually well-meaning and tends to come from their own experiences. However, that advice might not be in your best interest. Family and friends may have their own prejudices about dating. Additionally, they may not have been able to find their own long-term-loving relationships.

How do you know if you're ready to hire a dating and relationship coach? When you're ready to feel as successful in your personal life as you do in the rest of your life. When you're ready to find the relationship you desire and deserve. Partnering with a coach is one of the most productive and fiscally responsible ways of realizing personal life goals. You're ready for this step when your desire for learning and changing outweighs your fears.
Start feeling better about dating now. Christine is waiting for your call.
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