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Transform Your Dating Life, a 6-week teleclass.
How wonderful would it be to finally have a special person in your life?
Participating in this class will teach you how to find the right type of person for you, so you'll finally be on the path to meet your last love.
To enroll, or to ask questions, please email me.
Have you made promises to yourself to make the necessary changes to have positive dating experiences, and not kept those promises?
"I'm amazed at Christine's ability to get to the heart of the matter." ~JANE
One-on-one Coaching

How does one-on-one coaching work? During one-on-one sessions, we'll work through all the steps of the workshops. Our personal work together will accelerate the process of finding and clearing the blocks that have kept love out of your reach. We will discover and enhance what is already working for you and modify what isn’t. With these blocks out of the way, you'll have the opportunity to find the love you're seeking.
When do you know you are ready for one-on-one coaching?
You are ready to feel as successful in your personal life as you do in the rest of your life.
You are ready to take action to find the relationship you desire and deserve.
You appreciate a customized program that meets your specific needs.
You prefer privacy during the exploration of your past relationships and your blocks.
You value the benefit of receiving personal perspective and feedback along the way.
You’re prepared for an accelerated dating experience.
You’re excited about the opportunity to reach your goals more quickly.
You appreciate the convenience of telephone coaching.
You’re prepared to make a greater investment in yourself.
You are ready for this work if you understand that partnering with a coach can be one of the most productive and fiscally responsible ways of realizing personal life goals. You are ready for this step when your desire for learning and change outweighs your fears.
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How do you start? Christine is waiting for your call.
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