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When it comes to finding satisfying relationships, what I've found with my coaching clients is — the answers are already inside them. Clients tell me all they had been missing was having me on the other end of the phone, helping with the right questions.
Articles by Christine
Feel cranky for no reason? You may just be hangry! Have you ever found yourself suddenly so mad at someone and have no idea why? And it leaves you irritable and exhausted from all the intensity? Now, let's thicken the plot. Let's suppose you're on your way to a first date with someone you've been communicating with for a few weeks (and you think you really like him). Read more.
Stay-at-home vacations may be the new aphrodisiac. Even with jet lag, lumpy mattresses, noisy neighbors and gross food, sex was always better when my husband and I were on vacation. Once we escaped all of the daily obligations, we found that we both had a lot more energy for sex. And then we discovered staycations. Read more.
Men love competitive sports in a different way than women do. You’ve probably heard the term “football-baseball-golf widow,” meaning “the men” are gone for an entire day (or weekend, or week) to participate in and/or watch sports. This article helps women understand how watching sports helps men release stress. Read more.
4 suggestions for great dating and relationship advice. Read more.
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