Complimentary coaching call. Take the first step toward a happy, fulfilling relationship! Fill out my questionnaire WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK FROM LOVE and then let's talk.
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A1   Emotional baggage: Does yours fill a pickup truck?
A2   Is your dating road map working for you?
A3   Learning to talk to men
A4   Dating tips for introverts
A5   What do men and sandwiches have in common?
Short videos
Video 1   Are you (without knowing it) keeping yourself from a happy relationship? This is a topic near and dear to my heart... let's talk about how to recognize the problem and what to do about it. (8-minute video)
Video 2   How I became a wife and a coach at the same time. (10-minute video)
Video series
"What you don't know you don't know about dating"
(1)   Confidence... why it’s important and why it will help attract the kind of guy you actually want. (20-minute video)
(2)   What to do when you keep going on dates you don't like, and how to change the outcome so you’ll finally date people who are right for you. (20-minute video)
(3)   How to check in with your internal guidance system so you'll learn you can truly trust your gut instincts to keep you out of dating trouble and help you date only people who are right for you. (20-minute video)
(4)   Flirting. Watch this ladies to find out how to easily, effortlessly and effectively flirt with men to show them you’re interested. (20-minute video)
Interview on Topics include stories from my own life as well as dating and relationship wisdom.
Interview Co-hosted with Allen Cordova on his show Answers for the Family. Our interview was with Catherine Auman on her book Tantric Dating - Bringing Love and Awareness to the Dating Process. Listen to the interview here.
Interview I share widowhood wisdom on dating again after the death of a spouse and how to create intimacy when your loved one is terminally ill. Widowhood Wisdom & Relationship.
Interview on Nothing Off Limits, Attracting the Right Kind of Love.
Interview on Boomer's Ultimate Guide, Bug 068: Finding Love.
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